The Nervous Lovers

Kieran Dooley
With his tasteful musicality and a sharp ear, Kieran Dooley is a producer, musician, and radio host. His multi-instrumental talents have helped numerous local acts bring their songs to life. To further appreciate his work check out his new self produced RPM album and keep an eye out for Centrefold's much anticipated debut album.
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Daniel George 
An undeniable force of talent, Daniel George is one of Newfoundlands most sought after musicians. With his virtuosic skills, his versatility is displayed all across the island with renowned acts such as Carlyle, The Analog Age, and countless others. 
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Jacob Earle
As the driving force behind the wildly entertaining live act, Carlyle, Jacob Earle is a master of his craft. The timing, precision and energy he carries with every instrument he plays has earned this young musician an ever-growing reputation as one of St.John's most promising acts.  
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Nicholas Meadus
Nick may be more soft spoken and humble then most musicians, but his disciplined technique does not go unrecognized. With a mature and refined approach he draws from a vast selection of musical influences. The larger than life soundscapes of his band, Ginko, are the perfect example of his highly creative approach to the bass guitar. 
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